We’re not crazy

…Well, maybe a little. 😉

Just kidding.

Even though sometimes your symptoms make you feel like you’re going to LOSE YOUR MIND – they won’t. Promise. Because, Dysautonomia is NOT caused by any  mental disorder or disease. Yes, part of it involves your brain, but your thoughts are still YOUR thoughts. You can control them. So whether you think you’re having a heart attack, are going to stop breathing, struggle with anxiety, depression, or just simply think you’ll lose control of everything…Take a deeeeeep breath, and try to rationalize with yourself – because we all have our moments. (I do, like every daytrust me.) And if you can, try to laugh at yourself. Laughter makes all things better. (and it produces natural chemicals in your brain that helps your nervous system!)

Remember – we’re not going crazy. (Even if you act a  little crazy sometimes!) It’ll get better. 🙂


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