Diet, Exercise, and Co-factors (vitamins/supplements) for Mitochondrial and Dysautonomia Diseases [videos]

Videos with much helpful information by friend and physician Dr. Margaret Ferrante, M.D.:


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  1. Actually on the topic of Vitamin D I just found that these days, with the rapid growth of science and technology, performing a vitamin D test can be self-administered. It is not necessary to visit the doctor anymore to get this test performed. There are blood test spot kits available and you can take help of these kits to do it all by yourself. The finger is punctured at a spot to collect very small amounts of blood on a unique kind of paper called blotting paper. The result is generally accurate and easy to understand. I bought a home test kit and found I did have a minor deficiency.


  2. I just started acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicines…and I am doing better. Still feel like fainting on the floor, but I can stand up more often. Thank you to HopefulHillary for special mention on nutrition. I look forward to further enlightenment as I search Eastern Chinese Medicine insights into human physiologic dysfunction. Hope to gain some pertinent information to pass along. Keep up with me on YT: dysautonomiaMD.


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