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I want to encourage all my readers and visitors to check out the following blogs/websites and subscribe to them. They are extremely informative and anyone who has Dysautonomia/P.O.T.S. or knows someone with the condition(s) will greatly benefit from reading these sites.

They are written by Dr. Margaret A. Ferrante – an incredible physician and also a Dysautonomia patient herself. Her work is truly inspiring.

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  1. Posted by Margaret A. Ferrante, MD on February 22, 2012 at 2:27 am

    Your website here is amazing and super informative! Thank you for posting my blogs…. Just here to help! Living the diagram below, as well as the research article, which incorporates a lot of cardiology, anesthesiology, and critical care terminology. Super!!!


  2. Have you heard of “HSDD”? It is my opinion that women should be familiar with this anacronym, used in Primary Care and Ob/Gyn. Women helping Women.


  3. 2:10 am spelling error: “acronym” is correct. Just checking to see if you are awake ;-).


  4. Submitted my book, No More Tears: A Physician Turned Patient Inspires Recovery to the Independent Publishers Book Award. I only have 2 books left and I believe it is time for a ‘new life’. :-). Best Wishes to You!


  5. Posted by Donns on March 11, 2013 at 2:30 pm

    Isnt this condition taught in medical schools? If so, I think all of the Dr’s I went to these last few years were absent that day! My symptoms are so black and white.. such a shame I had to go thru so much to finally get diagnosed. And yet I was never told that headaches are also a symptom of POTS….would have saved me numerous trips to headache “specialists”.
    So sad.


    • It REALLY is a shame. (And I also have CONSTANT headaches. Do you have Chiari?) And no, “doctors” are not taught about it in school unless they specialize in cardiology or neurology and even then, the information they do learn is very limited and broad. You have to seek out specialists and I know most of us have just had to learn and discover our conditions all on our own! At least now, we can share and spread awareness. At least now, research is being done. Knowledge is power and that knowledge will not start or spread in the medical schools any time soon — it starts with US.

      Best Wishes,


  6. Posted by Anonymous on November 3, 2014 at 9:06 pm

    Follow this Twitter, all about POTS and EDS
    For different tips and tricks, or just to have a laugh!


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