Dysautonomia Pregnancy Stories – SHARE

Ladies (and men whose significant others have Dysautonomia) –

As a Dysuatonomiac who recently experienced pregnancy, I am interested in hearing others’ stories of their experience with pregnancy and Dysautonomia.

I want to partner together to raise more awareness. Awareness is critical for Dysautonomia. I know we all want more research done so that we can have better treatment options and more informed physicians.

We are not powerless. Knowledge is power.

I am asking any of you who have a story to please share it with me – either here on my blog, or by sending me an e-mail: hopefulhillary@gmail.com

Thank you!




4 responses to this post.

  1. Hat’s off to you! Awareness is everything! Research is needed and what a great way to make a difference.

    Dr. Margaret Ferrante


  2. Posted by fitmamaof2 on January 10, 2013 at 12:45 am

    When I was about 6 months pregnant with my first child I had to go on 12.5 mg of Atenolol to control my heart rate. I was also having trouble with severe hypotension, like 70/40 hypotension. I had to be very careful to stay hydrated or these symptoms were significantly worse. With my second child, 3 years later, this was much worse. Ended up on beta blocker at the beginning of my 2nd trimester after ending up in ER with RHR of 150. After ruling out a PE, they finally listened to me and gave me atenolol. I was able to manage on 6.25 mg since my son’s HR became too slow on 12.5. I was significantly more fatigued with him, and again, hydration was crucial to staying upright. I delivered him 3 weeks early due to too much amniotic fluid (OB said was b/c of meds) and within hours of my c section, my heart rate was below 100. I had a tubal due to the fear of going through another pregnancy.


    • Thank you for sharing your stories. Sounds like you definitely experienced gestational dysautonomia. Those symptoms are not uncommon for us POTS patients. How are you feeling now? Did your dysuatonomia symptoms disappear after your last pregnancy?
      All the best,


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