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Dear Doctors,

…couldn’t have said it better myself.

check it out!

Hey everyone!!! 🙂

Sorry for the long gap between updates here. Things have been a bit crazy and unpredictable…like always! I will be adding a lot of new posts here in the next few days, so check back!

I wanted to give a few links to some new, exciting sites.

First, the TeenPotsyProductions —  a group of 7 teenage girls, all with Dysautonomia/P.O.T.S. sharing their life and stories each day of the week! Check them out, subscribe, and support!


Second, The Manly Potsies, a male perspecive on life with Dysautonomia/P.O.T.S. from an awesome group of 5 guys with more videos you can watch each day of the week! Yay!


Third, please join, the latest message board/support group/forum for all people with all sorts of Dysautonomia, and also for their loved ones! So if your child, spouse, friend, or relative has Dysautonomia, you can also join and find support from others out there, too.

Please help us spread awareness! It is much needed! and sign the Dysautonomia Petition!




Brittany Murphy’s death and Dysautonomia?

Watch this video from Brittany Murphy’s older brother, Jeff, who has suffered with Dysautonomia for many years. Her Grandmother also suffered from the illness. A sudden cardiovascular-related death at the young age of 32…hopefully an eye-opener to the medical community that Dysautonomia needs more attentions, treatments, research, and awareness!

Diet, Exercise, and Co-factors (vitamins/supplements) for Mitochondrial and Dysautonomia Diseases [videos]

Videos with much helpful information by friend and physician Dr. Margaret Ferrante, M.D.: