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one of my articles on POTS & Pregnancy:

Below is a link to a peer blog who invited me to write a guest post on her site about POTS and pregnancy. I share my experience/advice here:

Kingsley (the site owner) also has POTS and shares some good things on her blog, too. Check it out!

Dysautonomia Pregnancy Stories – SHARE

Ladies (and men whose significant others have Dysautonomia) –

As a Dysuatonomiac who recently experienced pregnancy, I am interested in hearing others’ stories of their experience with pregnancy and Dysautonomia.

I want to partner together to raise more awareness. Awareness is critical for Dysautonomia. I know we all want more research done so that we can have better treatment options and more informed physicians.

We are not powerless. Knowledge is power.

I am asking any of you who have a story to please share it with me – either here on my blog, or by sending me an e-mail:

Thank you!